Recently, I made a short photo trip to Greece. The destination was near Mount Olympus on the Greek mainland. Beforehand we had figured out that the region is particularly rich in orchids, butterflies and reptiles and amphibians. Our timing was not quite perfect. Upon arrival the lowlands appeared very dry and the orchids were long gone. Higher up the mountain there were few orchids, possibly it was too early there. Butterflies were abundant, but photographing them was nearly impossible because of the high temperature and the harsh light. We have therefore focused largely on amphibians and reptiles, since we all have a passion for these animals. The country is particularly rich in these animal groups. We saw 21 species, of which we were able to photograph quite a few.
Topper for me was the Nose-horned viper. For me, the most beautiful (venomous) snake of Europe. It is also one of most venomous snakes in Europe, so some knowledge is necessary. In the mountains ther were some small streams where we could find amphibians such as Greek stream frog and yellow-bellied toads. The water flowing over the rocks glistened in the sun, which created beautiful effects with light spots. Very unusual for us were turtles that we found in several places. The same goes for the funny geckos emerging at night.
Apart from the photos Greece is a friendly country for a photographer to visit. It is difficult to make yourself understood, but the people are friendly and helpful. There are many places where nobody comes and you can do your thing. All in all, a country where I will go back some day.