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_DSC1000As a professional nature and wildlife photographer I focus on almost all aspects of nature. Doing so I try to capture the beauty, versatility and fragility of plants and animals and show these to a wide audience. By photographing rare and elusive species or common subjects in a surprising way, I try to contribute to the protection of our nature. As an ecologist this is being enhanced by knowing what species I photograph and being able to tell the story behind the picture.

I was born in 1977 and raised in Venray (province of Limburg, The Netherlands). During my childhood my interest for nature started as well as the urge to document it. Photography and knowlegde about nature have always joined hands by photographing subjects I studied and to study subjects I photographed. I got a degree in biology (animal ecology) at the university of Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Ever since I have been working as a ecological advisor for Bureau Natuurbalans-Limes Divergens bv in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. At this moment I live in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Ever since my childhood I have been busy with nature as well as photography. Doing so I have gathered an extensive knowledge of species, their ecology and behaviour. This knowlegde turns out to be essential in good nature photography, where timing, location and (weather-) conditions make the difference.

In 1993 I bought my first simple camera and started experimenting with photography. Slowly things started to become more serious and years later I switched to (semi-) professional equipment. In 2003 I made the transition to digital photography as one of the first in my surroundings. The advantages were huge and still new developements are evolving.

My work has been published quite a bit in magazines, books etc. Besides that I have been successful in several international nature photography competitions.

As nature photographer my work is represented by several photo stock agencies:

- Nature in Stock (amphibians, reptiles and fish)

- Buiten-Beeld (all other images)

In addition I am a contributor to the world wide Meet Your Neighbours project, photographing subjects on a white background. These images can be found at Nature Picture Library (NPL).

Furthermore I am a member of the Association of Nature Photographers Nijmegen, VNF-N (joined in the Dutch Nature Photographers Association, NVN) and several nature associations.




All photographs presented at this website are shot using Nikon equipment. At this moment I work with a Nikon D800 an D7100. The lenses I use have focal lenghts from 16mm up to 400mm. Accessories include a tripod, flash units, converters, extension tubes and filters. For high-speed pictures, like flying bats, I use specialized infra-red equipment. In addition I have equipment to shoot under water and I have possibilities for photography in studio environment.



Paul in action

If you are curious what I look like in the field, have a look at these pictures:




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